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SELLEYS Knead It Steel 50g

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SELLEYS Knead It Steel 50g Adhesives & Sealants

  • Description
A versatile hand kneadable, fast setting, non-rusting co-extruded epoxy repair system that can be used for repairing ferrous and aluminum metal items.  It comes in a handy roll form, with the black hardener encapsulated in the grey resin part. The product hardens in 5-10 minutes, after mixing, to a black metal-like material.
  • Will not sag, run or drip
  • Easy to use - no mess
  • Can be drilled, sawed, sanded, filed, tapped, machined or painted one hour after mixing
  • Good adhesive strength
  • Can be used to reshape, rebuild and repair a multitude of surfaces and applications
  • Good gap filling properties
  • Long-lasting, durable solution
  • Heat resistant to 120°C continuously or 140°C intermittently
  • Can be used under water. (but dry surfaces for application are best and recommended)
  • Rapid set time (<10 minutes)
  • Can be used for fuel resistant repairs.
Ideal for
  • Steel
  • Wide range of terrous metal and aluminum items
  • Most plastics (pre-test required)
  • Glass 
  • Clean surface free of grease, dirt and dust. For best results roughen bond area prior to cleaning.
  • Cut off required amount. Replace disc on remaining portion. Use gloves to avoid messing hands. To mix, knead with fingers to a uniform colour.  If mixing is difficult, warm to room temperature.
  • Apply to surface to be repaired (within 2 minutes of mixing) and mould to shape if required.
  • For a smooth appearance, remove excess and hand rub with water or a damp cloth before hardening begins.
  • Trim away any excess before initial hardening.  Remove any residues with acetone prior to initial hardening. Hardened excess may be sanded or trimmed away once fully cured.
  • After 5-10 minutes Knead-It Multi Purpose will harden and begin to form a strong bond.
  • After 60 minutes Knead-It Multi Purpose may be drilled, sanded, machined, filed, sawed or painted.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before product hardens.
Safety tips
  • Where possible wear protective gloves when using Knead-It Multi Purpose.  Contact with skin may result in irritation. Epoxy resin is a known skin sensitiser. Repeated or prolonged skin contact may lead to allergic contact dermatitis.
  • If redness or swelling of skin occurs, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if in any doubt.
  • Mixed and cured material is not hazardous. Cured material can only be removed by cutting and abrasion. If cured on skin, it will peel off in a few days without assistance. Soaking in warm water will assist removal.
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